Welcome to Barrelhouse 6 Distillery

Have fun. Make new friends. Make new memories. That’s what B6D is all about.

Barrelhouse 6 Distillery opened to the public in Hammondsport, New York in May of 2021. It is one of the premier start-up craft distilleries in the U.S., located in the beautiful Finger Lakes “Wine Country” Region of New York. With a 108-foot deck overlooking stunning Keuka Lake, “Lady of the American Lakes,” the Distillery is home to a 2400 square foot Tasting Room, the largest of its kind 500-gallon HBS Copper (a commercial division of Hillbilly Stills) “Kentucky Diamond” hybrid still, and a 40 x 80 ft. tent that can hold up to 300 people for your next special event!

Chill out at our extraordinary Tasting Room with incredible views and enjoy our hand-crafted cocktails. Reserve our venue for your next special event. Join the B6D Club and have your very own personalized barrel at the bar with your hand-crafted spirits in it. Schedule a tour and tasting or join a bottling party. Welcome to the family.

Meet the Team

Joe and Kara are the faces behind B6D’s unique story. Their 100-proof passion for teaching you the art of distilling and love of a great cocktail will turn that passion into yours, too.


The Master Distiller

This engineer, lawyer and mother watched a documentary about craft distilling back in 2012. A year later she was in a Whiskey Workshop learning the trade and said “why not?” So Kara researched and researched, did some hobnobbing with industry leaders, attended more classes, developed a business plan and started saving her pennies.


The Seasoned Businessman

Fate has brought Kara and Joe together to form the perfect partnership for the perfect business for them both. Joe—also a lawyer and a real-estate developer—started brewing beer in his kitchen. That pastime blossomed into a love of all things brewed. And he was pretty good at it too, as he is with everything he sets his sights on. One thing is for sure: Joe loves a good time, loves his friends, and is enthusiastic to share what he has with those friends, old and new. And now he has the place to do it.

Join the B6D Club

Benefits include a range of discounts and exclusive meetings where you enjoy tastings while learning more about the distilling process and craft spirits.

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